Redesigning Your Bathroom into a Tuscan Bathroom

One of the most elegant and beautiful bathroom designs is the Tuscan bathroom design. When you design your bathroom it’s very important that the style of your home and the style of your bathroom remain the same. If your home is decorated with Tuscan features then it’s a great idea to decorate your bathroom with the Tuscan design as well.

To begin your Tuscan bathroom redesign you need to choose the best wall color that will set the feelings that you want for your brand-new Tuscan bathroom. Any color with a yellow base is recommended. Gold-yellowish colors are very common in Tuscan styled bathrooms. Something commonly done is choosing a lighter base color with a darker shade being applied with a sponge. Faux wall styles will add an older rustic feel to your bathroom.

If you’re unable to come up with a good color-scheme for your bathroom Italian tiles may be able to give you the inspiration you need. Most Italian tiles will have inspiring color combinations; the same colors can be used in your bathroom. These Italian art pieces should also be hung up in your bathroom to give it a more modern, elegant feel. Nothing looks better in a Tuscan styled bathroom than an actual picture from Tuscany.

Accessorizing correctly is very important when creating a Tuscan bathroom. When purchasing accessories remember that the Tuscan style is base on an old-world style. Your Sink, shower, towels, and other accessories should all blend well with the old-word design.

Some great accessories include Greenery, terracotta lots, iron candle holders, and metal urns. Anything iron will blend well with the bathroom. You need to be very careful when choosing your faucet. When buying everything make sure you stay within your budget, and be sure to add a little bit of your own taste into the style of the bathroom.

One creative idea that my yield great results is placing a baroque towel stand directly beside your tub or shower. Shopping online will also open many possibilities for purchasing different items at great prices. Flooring should never be ignored when redoing your bathroom. New marble flooring in a Tuscan style bathroom goes a long way in achieving the luxurious feel most people want in their bathrooms.

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