Ideas for Remodeling your Bathroom

When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom and turn it into the private oasis that you’ve been dreaming of, there are some great ideas that you can put into play to get the result you want. Not only will your bathroom become a sanctuary, but you’ll have more space. When you remodel your bathroom, you’ll be making the most of the space you have available.

To begin with, the tub is the focus of your bathroom. This design uses a double-ended tub so that you can see everything around you. You can lie on either side while enjoying a bubble bath either lying against the window or facing it. This style is used mostly in homes that boast a contemporary architecture.

If you choose a cantilevered double sink, you’ll get more space in your bathroom. This is a deep sink that’s put on a cantilevered bathroom counter. The convenience of two sinks in the bathroom can make a lot of difference when you and your partner when you’re both trying to get ready for work. It’s a big time saver.

You can also use bathroom wardrobes to change the look of your bathroom. When you go with this design, the tub is put in the middle of the room with one end against the wall. You’ll be facing the wall while bathing. Try using a mirror on that wall adjacent to the tub and that should solve the problem. Then, you put the wardrobe against another wall. You can store or change your clothes after bathing by using the wardrobe.

Then, there’s the traditional and antique design. This one uses a claw-footed bath tub positioned diagonally in the bathroom. This produces more of a feeling of relaxation. Your wall treatment should be a wainscot of solid wood so the wall will stay dry and protected against wetness. This style is both common and sensible and very popular in homes currently.

Last, but not least, you should select a color for your walls that makes your bathroom appear refreshing. Be sure to arrange the furniture and fixtures so that they’re clearly organized. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy each bath you take, and may even want to remain in your tub even longer.

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