Basement Remodeling – Getting Started

Some homes have a basement and some ARE basements. Mine mostly qualifies as different levels of basements since it´s build on the side of a mountain and most of it is below ground level except for the very top floor. So after a year of rebuilding and remodeling the many rooms, I hope to pass on to you a few tips on remodeling your basement to give you ideas about how best to get started.

I understand the problems that are unique to basement remodeling, such as low ceilings, poor lighting, waterproofing, the quest for contractors and basement finishing and flooring ideas that are practical. I will help you overcome the problems you may encounter before they happen.

The biggest problems, unique to basement remodeling, are extremely low ceilings, visible pipes and structural columns in odd places that can’t be removed. They also tend to be moist or hold the humidity more than other parts of the house and therefore require more attention to weatherproofing and basement waterproofing that is more difficult because you’re dealing with a structure that is already built and you must work with what’s available. Another thing is that plumbing problems are a real headache because the water or sewage ends up down there in strange places that might not be ideal.

How can you not just work around, but work WITH these odd basement quirks?

Basement finishing without forethought, frequently ends up being a storage area or a place to hide ugly water tanks, a central heating system or furnace and a general household junkyard that often remains that way for years. If walls have been left unfinished, basement renovation becomes almost as much work as starting from zero, especially if it’s not much more than a cement box. Some basements, like mine, didn’t even have that. The walls were stone and the floor was dirt. Where to begin?

  • How can you turn your unfinished basement into a fun or useful part of the house?
  • How can you decide what is best use for the space you have to remodel?
  • Are you torn between a home theater/game room/pool table/bar and creating a large open area for the kids to play in?
  • Do you work at home and want a bigger office or work room that isn’t a depressing cave?
  • Do you want a place to workout instead of going to the gym?
  • Do you need an additional bedroom for when guests or in-laws come to visit?
  • Are you remodeling your basement because you’re expecting a baby?
  • What about a spa or hot tub as part of your basement renovation?
  • Do you need a bigger laundry room or more storage space that’s organized and bright?
  • Do you want to dive into basement remodeling but don’t have a clue where to start?
  • Are you contemplating do it yourself basement remodeling?
  • Do you need advice on basement remodeling contractors?
  • Have you been searching for a basement remodeling company without success?
  • Do you need some basement remodeling plans?
  • Would some basement remodeling pictures help to inspire you?

If you really want to use your basement space effectively you can’t just slap some paint on the walls, hang a few bright curtains and toss down a rug and think it will be used. Since basements are naturally dark and damp, you will have to put some thought into what you want to achieve by remodeling your basement and how to get there step by step. If you are going to do the job properly you’re going to need some home maintenance tips to get just right.

Okay, let’s get started.

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