Basement Remodeling Tips

When remodeling your basement remember that it is possible to double your living space.

The key is to be able to give precise basement remodeling ideas to your contractor showing exactly what you want based on your personal needs. Also tell them about the dreamy ideas you may have gotten from books and magazines so the professionals can guide you and maximize the space you have.

A well executed basement remodeling job can facilitate entertaining, accommodate out of town guests, give privacy to a home based entrepreneur, make watching a movie a theater experience or even give you a spa instead of just another bathroom.

The key factor that will determine if your basement remodeling ideas were successful is how much you use the space once the basement finishing is finished.

Here are some tips that will help ensure the success of remodeling your basement.

  • Basements should be heavily lit, much more so than above-grade rooms.
  • Maximize the little natural light you have and accentuate with lots of artificial lighting.
  • Chose your ideal space from open and airy basement remodeling plans.
  • Use interior windows and French doors instead of solid wood doors or solid basement walls.
  • When selecting what you will use for basement decorating incorporate light colors and mirrors.
  • Select basement flooring that will add warmth because basements are naturally cold.
  • Discuss with a basement remodeling company how to best add a secondary heating source.
  • Consider a wood burning stove, a fireplace and most of all a built-in floor warming system.
  • Eliminate as many pillars and walls as you possibly can without the house collapsing.
  • When repositioning air ducts and pipes or existing plumbing try to keep them at the edge of walls or near pillars to leave as much open space and headroom as possible.
  • If your basement is narrow incorporate horizontal lines in basement decorating.
  • Due to moisture issues, contact a basement waterproofing specialist to seal the floor, ceiling and basement walls.
  • Consider alternatives to carpet for basement flooring such as tiles or stone or hardwood.
  • Do it yourself basement remodeling can be more effective if you consult an architect or interior designer to help you get the most benefit out of your space. You need not contract a basement remodeling company to do the final work but get advice.
  • Use bright colors as much as possible when basement decorating, even if its just accent toss cushions.

Basement remodeling and basement finishing is not something that must be stressful. You can do it slowly with a few home improvement tips from this site or watch as basement remodeling contractors (or the do it yourself basement remodeling team) transform what was junky, grungy and dark into what is neat, organized and bright.

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