Basement Remodeling Ideas

Got an unused basement space in your house but not sure what you should do with it? Here are some popular basement remodeling ideas that will help you make the most of this often underutilized area.

Untraditional Basement Bathrooms

Adding a bathroom, which will likely be needed no matter what the overall theme of your basement remodeling project, can be tricky for several reasons. The placement of basement plumbing that currently exists may be in the exact place you want the office or bar or pool table or plasma TV. There are ways to change the situation of the basement bathroom if you sit down with basement remodeling contractors and discuss the situation. Pipes can be extended by drilling out the concrete floor so as to extend the drainage.

The thing you DO NOT want to do is create a tiny cubical where you can barely turn around, even if the basement bathroom is not the feature and is solely to facilitate not having to run upstairs. You can make a bathroom entirely out of glass blocks or frosted glass panels or add windows to the walls. You can use a semi-permanent corrugated room divider to give privacy to the toilet area while leaving the basin or sink in the open. The basement shower area need not be in the same place as the toilet or sink.

You can have a glass enclosed walk-in shower or tub in one corner and a toilet in another with a pedestal sink under a funky mirror beside a glass counter or a small loveseat in-between. Forget what’s traditional and open up the basement space. By the way a glass bathroom wall or a glass shower area need not be expensive. Shop around and discuss the options with a basement decorating specialist or a basement bathroom expert.

Basement Games Room and Bar

For a game room you will want the entire space as open as possible to accommodate guests. Situate a counter bar around a pillar and use a sleek barstool style to keep furniture down to a minimum. And for a basement bar, which is one of the most popular basement renovation ideas, you’ll want subtle indirect light that comes from the floor pointing up or from the ceiling pointing down but not pointing directly on people’s faces or heads.

You may also consider that if your bar is an odd shape to accommodate a pillar or nook, you may be able to leave enough space for a parakeet or hardwood dance floor. You should plan remodeling your basement around unconventional ideas that you might never have considered for the upstairs.

Basement Bedrooms

Basement bedrooms are trickier than regular ones because when you get up and turn off the light, if the switch is near the door, there is usually no other natural light to guide you back to bed. This is irritating for guests who don’t know the layout of the furniture. It is quite simple to have a second switch installed beside the bed headboard so your guest can just lean over and click off the light.

Also consider having two sets of lights, one for bright central lighting and another with halogen bulbs embedded over the bed for reading. Since basement bedrooms are usually small this will avoid having to incorporate cumbersome lamps into the basement décor. Keep it simple, functional, sleek.

Basement Storage without the Dungeon

Basements have nooks and crannies that lend themselves to being storage areas. But please install lights if one of these places will be under the staircase. Brighten up the storage with shelves made of light wood, pine or painted white or a light color. Do it yourself basement remodeling is easy if you select cabinets that have plexy or glass fronts so the light is reflected.

Organize storage boxes on open shelves instead of dark wood cabinets that are heavy and absorb light. Use every single corner or odd shaped area for organized storage because in this way you will avoid the junk trap that happens all too easily in confined spaces. You can never have too much storage space so incorporate plenty into your remodeling plans.

Bright Basement Home Office

You want privacy and peace and quiet but not dreary, drab or dark. The worst thing about basement offices is that are often a place that makes you feel isolated and shut off from the real world. Avoid this by selecting a place for your desk that is near a window and if there are no windows don’t be afraid to hang a large bright piece of artwork where a window should be.

Do not use mirrors, they are distracting. But you can paint the basement walls bright colors and furnish with chrome or white furniture to make seem lighter. It is ill advised to use the same style of lighting as you may have planned for a basement bar or family room. In a basement office you need very bright light to work and to keep you awake. Basement ideas are endless but here’s just one simple tip: since there may not natural light to let you know if it’s day or night, try hanging a large wall clock so you know when it’s quitting time.

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